Welcome to the /r/politics 2016 Election Day Megathread! There is so much more to today than just Clinton v. Trump. The future direction of US Politics will be greatly influenced by the results of today’s elections all over the ballot.

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Who/What’s on the Ballot?

Election Day Resources


Polls opened today on the East Coast as early as 6am EST and the final polls will close in Alaska at 9pm AKST (1am EST). Depending on how close certain elections are, this could make for a very late evening. Note: This is specifically for state polls. US territories have different poll times.

Megathread Topic

The point of this megathread (that will be stickied all day) is to serve as the hub for both general Election Day and US Presidential discussion. More targeted discussion will occur in each state’s associated thread. These threads will serve for discussion of all local and state specific elections. This will ideally help make the discussion much more accessible for all those interested in these races.

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