Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich spoke to a longtime friend who is a GOP Congressman about Donald Trump. Reich: What do you think of your party’s nominee for president? Congressman: Trump is a maniac. He’s a clear and present danger to America. Reich: Have you said publicly that you won’t vote for him? Congressman (sheepishly): No. Reich: Why not? Congressman: I’m a coward. Reich: What do you mean? Congressman: I live in a state with a lot of Trump voters. Most Republican officials do. Let me tell you something. Most current and former Republican members of Congress are exactly like me. I talk with them. They think Trump is deplorable. And they think [Rudy] Giuliani and [Newt] Gingrich are almost as bad. But they’re not gonna speak out. Some don’t want to end their political careers. Most don’t want to risk their lives. The Trump crowd is just too dangerous. Trump has whipped them up into a goddamn frenzy.
Source: Drudge Report

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