Onee of the many things that makes Donald Trump angry is that Bernie Sanders does not seem to hold grudges. … The truth is that Bernie Sanders is very, very angry — at Donald Trump. He is angry enough to have spent weeks travelling on behalf of Hillary Clinton, speaking for her in union halls and arenas, to students and activists. When he talks, he is entirely Bernie — “We are going to fight for that democracy; we are not going to become an oligarchy” — and he hints strongly that he has done some negotiating with her before getting on the stage, and will continue to do so after, as he hopes, she is elected. … One thing that Sanders saw, perhaps earlier than most people, is that Trump is both serious and dangerous. And he knows, from time spent with his own crowds, the strengths of the passions that Trump exploits when he talks about political corruption. Sanders is clearly outraged that a billionaire would try to be the spokesman for those grievances.
Source: Drudge Report

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