There’s an expression in French, “Jamais deux sans trois,” or “Never two without three.” After Brexit and Trump, will Marine Le Pen be next? France holds its presidential election next spring, and Le Pen, the leader of the country’s far-right National Front party, could well be one of the top two candidates in the first round of voting, which would propel her to the second-round runoff in May 2017. But she hasn’t been seriously considered as a candidate who could actually become president. Until now. “I think we can have the same surprise in France,” said National Front Secretary General Nicolas Bay, speaking Wednesday on French radio. Bay called Trump’s victory a victory of the people who were “betrayed by the elites.” He said both Trump and the National Front have the same platform: rejection of multiculturalism, rejection of globalization and free trade, and strengthening national borders.
Source: Drudge Report

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